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I discovered coaching as a profession after 4 significant career changes: ABA Therapist, Area Manager, Teacher, Recruitment Professional. I have always loved learning, had career aspirations, and wanted to do something meaningful with my life. I was on a quest to find fulfilment. I ended up with a unique set of people skills, the ability to recognise and unleash talent in others, and strong (often freaky) intuition.

I now spend my days making the world a better place, one coaching client and team at a time. That’s pretty exciting and definitely fulfilling!

I am a member of a charitable organisation Buy One, Give One. At the end of each week, I contribute to environmental projects and this feeds my soul. If I could have dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, I would choose David Attenborough.

I have been successful throughout my life, despite several unfortunate life events and an eating disorder that started when I was six years old. A battle that lasted 20 years and nearly took my life. My personal experience taught me resilience and valuable lessons that now serve my work as a Coach. I recognise the gift from my past when I meet people struggling with deeply emotional experiences. I can stay when others walk away and have the capacity to sit with them in their dark place, guiding them out when they feel ready. 

Looking back, I wish I had invested in a coach much earlier than I did. I didn’t even know coaching was a thing back then! I spent so much time going around in circles and made lots of mistakes in life and my leadership roles. Taking on too much and burning out, losing perspective, fighting with my inner critic instead of learning to manage it, and trying hard not to need or rely on other people.

I have taken all of that experience and woven the rich learning into my coaching programmes and approach. I believe in sharing the gifts in our own experience, healing, and hearts with others. I chose purpose as my perspective over regret and that feels pretty great.

The values that guide me personally and in my business are Be Kind, you never know what people are dealing with, even if they have a smile on their face. Be Brave, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Always Learning, openness and beginners-mind are powerful states. Authenticity, be true to yourself and others.  Love, it makes the world go round in the right direction.

I am a champion for mental health, wellbeing, and belonging. Coaching has been life-changing and empowering for me personally. The results are still unmatched by other training or therapeutic approaches. I firmly believe that coaching is THE way to bring about positive change in individuals, teams, and communities.

When I’m not coaching and working on my business you’ll find me practicing yoga, walking in nature, laughing with a good friend, or in my kitchen attempting to cook a curry (as yet I haven’t been able to get close to the delicious food I tasted in India but my top strength is persistence so onwards and upwards!).

I have an adventurous streak and I love nothing more than loading up my backpack and heading out into the big wide world. Highlights so far include visiting the Gorillas in Rwanda, trekking in Nepal, safari in Kenya, travelling solo around India for 13 months, and visiting the orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.



Empower 5,000 people in their careers and plant 5,000 trees in Borneo.


I design impactful, supportive and positive coaching programmes. Resulting in greater self-confidence, career alignment, and personal growth.

Working with People teams to inspire success, creating inclusive businesses and teams. Where everyone feels they belong, has support, and can thrive.

I run a heart-centered business that gives back to mother earth.


Coach Training & Qualifications 

I am a certified professional coach CPCC with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and International Coaches Federation (ICF).

I have completed the full ORSC training programme (Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching).

I am a licensed Firework Career Change Coach and accredited Strengths Profile Coach.

A certified practitioner licensed to use the full range of PRISM brain mapping tools for leadership, communication, and career coaching.

I also have a Psychology degree, PGCE (post graduate certificate in education), and 500+ hours of yoga teacher training.

Body-centered coaching and breathwork support the work I do particularly around wellbeing and leadership presence.

Learning is one of my core values. I am constantly developing my skills and experience as a Coach and deepening my self-awareness. I love what I do!


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