"Bev is extremely talented at what she does and I would highly recommend her. During a really difficult period of change  and unprecedented pressure Bev worked with our team of Managers to ensure they came through this challenging time more motivated and resilient than ever.  Bev ensures people feel immediately relaxed and as a Company we could see real tangible outcomes and benefits from the beginning. Key employees are feeling stronger and more motivated to make positive changes which is wonderful to see. Beverley gets the balance of being supportive and challenging spot on."

Ruth Mitchell - Human Resources Manager

"The opportunity to work with Bev was presented at a time when there was a lot of change afoot in my work life. I was feeling exhausted and stressed after months of dealing with the challenges of Covid-19 and also the bereavement of a close relative. Bev was so warm and friendly that within minutes of our introductory call it felt like a heart to heart chat with an old friend and I found myself thinking of the possibilities that could arise from working with her.

Over the course of the sessions there was a lot of laughter, some tears, but overall, not as many uncomfortable moments as I expected. I learnt a lot about myself and there were many “AH!” moments. I definitely grew in terms of my confidence in my own abilities and the recognition that things I’d thought of as weaknesses could be turned around into strengths. It was like looking into a mirror held up by Bev, recognising things that could be improved and changed and accepting the things that can’t and learning to work with my own personality type rather than against it. I’ve always been a great believer in being myself and not trying to be something or someone I’m not.

Working with Bev helped me to know myself better and to grow. There is still work to be done and areas where the things I learnt still need to be applied, but Bev started the wheels in motion! It was an absolute pleasure working with Bev and I’m so glad I took the plunge."

Susan Wood - Deputy General Manager

"Beverley has worked with The Fostering Network for a number of years. she is always professional and develops trusting relationships with people she coaches. Beverley coaching has had real impact on individuals and impact for us as an organisation. it has been great to work with her and I look forward to working with her in the future. Beverley has also sourced some excellent candidates for us. She worked hard to understand our needs and this worked well for us and potential candidates."

Kevin Williams - CEO

"I decided to work with Bev as there were a lot of forthcoming changes within the organisation, and thought her guidance will help me with the transition. Her approach and sensitivity to bring to surface the real reasons holding me back in my career and other aspects of life was surprising at first, using various techniques and having very open conversations to explore who I am.

Ultimately working with Bev has allowed me to actually be me! Creating boundaries, self-love, appreciation and accountability. My career is progressing, I feel more a part of the organisation I work for and I have never been so honest and confident within myself. Thank you Bev for the huge impact you have made!"

Minal PatelDeputy General Manager

I found the sessions with Bev very helpful. Her approach was very clear and direct at all times so it always felt very honest conversations and allowed me to open up confidently. One of our sessions involved a ‘strengths profile ‘ which was brilliant, it highlighted the strengths I have and also the characteristics  that I  thought were negative were actually a strength when used properly.   On a few occasions she used role play as a way to help me have specific conversations that were needed. It felt strange at first but her kind nature meant I didn’t feel embarrassed as there was no judgement.  I’m very grateful that the company arranged this, it came at the perfect time.  

Anna Waldron Deputy General Manager

"I highly recommend Bev, she is a highly skilled coach. Coaching with Bev included a variety of visualisation exercises, pertinent inquiry processes, and useful tools. This process has changed my experience of my work and has helped me respect better my needs and boundaries, thus enhancing my well-being and work-life balance. Bev’s coaching was warm, well-tailored, and effective. I am very grateful for the support Bev provided in my transformation process."

Lucia Montanaro - Head of EU Office and EU Advocacy Manager

I have worked with Bev for over 5 years and in a variety of ways. I first met Bev when I applied for my current role and she was the lead recruiter and since then I’ve worked with Bev closely from recruitment for our organisation through to coaching our team. Bev has excelled and always exceeds expectations in all areas of her work. Bev is very honest, diligent and hard working and you are always guaranteed you will get service above and beyond what you pay for. I cannot recommend Bev enough, she has worked so well with our team when delivering coaching and the impact on these individuals has been terrific and the feedback always glowing. Thank you Bev for all your commitment over the years.

 Anna Clark - Head of Business & People Services

“I decided to work with Bev after returning to work from maternity leave. I wanted to face, head-on, the hang-ups and challenges I felt had previously held me back in my career - and life - in order to make positive changes for my future. Bev was incredible; from our first session I felt I could really trust her and over just six sessions I have felt and seen real change in the way I approach things. Bev is not a wizard, there is no magic, but she is immensely skilled in her craft and over our sessions, and some carefully thought-out homework, she has helped guide me towards a more self-assured, decisive and confident version of myself. It has been a really enjoyable and transformative experience and I will be forever grateful to Bev for her fantastic work, not to mention sense of humour!” 

 Rosie Stewart - Senior Media Officer 

"Beverley helped me to secure my new job. She provided me with all the information I needed throughout the process, was very responsive and a great go-between. She then supported me immensely settling in to the new role through a series of coaching sessions. Her style was gentle yet firm, which worked well for me. She helped me reflect and change my approach, which made the first few months a lot easier. She was brilliant. "

Bart-Jan Bekker - Head of People & Achievement 

"Working with Bev as a Coach has been one of the best experiences in my over 20 years career. After the initial call I already knew this was such a great choice and good fit. Simple tools that help you have a great consciousness of yourself and your perspectives, honest conversations, being very serious about accountability, energy and genuine interest in you make working with Bev a delight. Pleasant and engaging."

Mamadou Diarafa Diallo - Country Director

"Beverley is a fantastic coach. She has helped me to overcome a number of obstacles to take my professional development to the next level. She is a very insightful and supportive coach, who asks all the right questions and is challenging in good way. If you want to see yourself grow, transform and reach your potential inside and outside the workplace then I can highly recommend Beverley in helping you achieve this."

David Lim - Intranet Manager

"Bev is an incredible coach and I found investing in my coaching experience with Aumida one of the most fulfilling and satisfying things I've done for myself. It always felt like a very safe space, providing a healthy level of challenge, exploration and tools to help me grow. Thank you Bev for the positive impact you have had on my life and career!"

Samantha Doe - Head of Digital Engagement 

"Bev has been my coach for the past 6 months and it has been a transformational experience. Bev’s ability to reflect back to me what is beyond my words and tone of voice has quite honestly astounded me. My expectations for our coaching relationship were already high, but she has far surpassed them. From only 6 sessions, I can hand on heart say I have achieved or made massive, tangible strides towards the goals I set out to achieve. Every session has felt like an incredibly safe space to open up, but with insightful challenge to inspire insight and change. I could not recommend Bev as a coach more emphatically!"

Sarah Spencer - Leadership & Learning Manager 

"I have worked with Beverley as my coach for one year and it has been a truly transformational experience. Beverley helped me open doors, which I did not know existed. She led me towards places deeply buried underneath all my beliefs and behavioral patterns. Every session was a safe space to explore the true forces behind the choices I made and the actions I took. With many time zones separating us physically we only had our voices to connect, but Beverley has shown the most amazing capacity to attune to me and grasp what is going on at my end. She would sense a change in energy, an emotion, or a distraction, even before I had noted it myself. In addition, she is offering a rich and tailored set of tools and practices for lasting change and integration of the coaching work into daily life. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Beverley. She will guide you, challenge you and support you, always in service of you and your personal growth."

Melanie Tinz

I would recommend Bev as a career and leadership coach. In our coaching sessions together Bev was able to listen to complex real life scenarios and identify two or three useful tools to help in those situations. I have been on several management training courses and read many book so had the theory. However, Bev was able to help unlock this knowledge and focus on the application to develop me personally and as a manager. Bev was fantastic at listening and was able to understand my barriers and fears but also my motivations. Towards the end of our coaching sessions together, as I look back. I can honestly say I have personally developed a calmness and confidence to my work. I use many of the tools suggested by Bev daily. I feel more confident as a manager and listen to my instincts more. I think Bev has helped me to become a more balanced and understanding coach for my team.

Lee Page - Head of Education & Engagement

"I was very fortunate last year to have the privilege of having Beverley as my Life Coach. Her ability to sense barriers to change and help me to see and overcome them has had a deep impact on me. Beverley is skilled in attuning to peoples needs and creating supportive pathways to enable positive change. She offered me a safe space to work through some difficult personal and work issues. I can not recommend her highly enough as a deeply caring individual and a highly skilled Life Coach. Time working with her will be transformative and fun"

Mary Spillane - Senior Bid Writer

Bev is a wonderful coach. She is kind, insightful and brings herself to the work. She is highly skilled at recognising & interpreting signals - from tone of voice and energy - intentionally creating and holding space to get to the root of things. She also keeps her eye on encouraging the practical steps that can reinforce and integrate change. My sense is that she is highly adaptable based on the needs of the person she is working with. I trust Bev fully, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Anna Zecharia - Director of Policy & Public Affairs

Beverley is an excellent, highly skilled coach and mentor, who helped me to understand much more about my own strengths and transferable skills. She worked with me in a collaborative, engaging style and enabled me to change career and make much better, more rewarding use of my time and resources. I thoroughly recommend her to others who may be contemplating a change of career.

Chris Maclean - Marketing Consultant

"I’ve been undertaking coaching with Beverley on and off (due to my own changing circumstances) for a couple of years, and it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. Speaking to Beverley is like speaking to your closest friend and wisest teacher rolled into one- I felt completely comfortable confiding in her, and in trusting her when exercises went outside of my comfort zone, and after every session I felt like I understood myself a little better. When I first started coaching with Beverley I was in a job I disliked in an industry I wasn’t interested in, with no idea where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. She not only helped me to realise what it was that I wanted, but helped me to set completely realistic goals towards getting there. Two years later and I’ve just started a new job I’m actually excited about, in the industry she helped me to realise my interest in. I’m truly so thankful to Beverley and would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels in need of a change, in a rut, or confused about what they want to do next or how to do it."

Vikki Busson-Crowe - E-Learning

"Before I started to receive life coaching from Bev, I was trying to do everything yesterday. I am capable of managing and prioritising in my role at work, however, I was not able to transfer this to my personal life where I had set out to achieve several goals - at the same time! The difference that Bev has made to my life as a life coach has been phenomenal - she has helped me to narrow my focus into manageable chunks (the theory I had no problem with but putting it into practice was a whole different ballgame) and provided me with tools that I can use on a daily basis to prioritise what I need to do to achieve my goals.  Even when I wasn't sure about what was stopping me from getting on with particular tasks, Bev had practical - and extremely useful - exercises for us to do which really helped me to ascertain any emotional blocks that were prohibiting me from doing what I needed to.

The distinction before and after Bev is exceptionally prominent, and months later I am still experiencing the benefits of her life coaching.  Not only is she a talented and perceptive individual, she is committed and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals. I could not recommend anyone more highly."

Suk Kaur - Paralegal