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Accelerate career development with behavioural neuroscience

Imagine if you could…

Understand your brain, behaviour, and communication style in a way that will enhance your performance, success, and relationships?

Discover how others perceive your behaviour?

Learn how to instantly adapt your pace, tone, and language to connect, build rapport, and have more influence?

I have always had one foot in the ‘woo-woo camp’ and one foot in the ‘science camp’. I have faith in the magic and that which cannot be explained today. I don’t believe in closing myself, or my clients off from anything that serves us just because we can’t see, touch or measure it. This is mind-body-soul work.

I do however feel very strongly about balancing openness with science. Our brain is the most magnificent and mysterious wonder of creation. The seat of human intelligence, interpreter of senses, and controller of movement. This incredible organ is utterly intriguing and the coaching process rewires your brain for success in your life and career (whatever that means to you).

Everything we think, and everything we choose to do alters our brain and fundamentally changes who we are, a process that continues until the end of our lives.

Behavioural Neuroscience Vs Personality Psychology

Personality psychology has contributed much towards identifying the important dimensions of personality, but relatively little to understanding the biological sources of those dimensions. However, the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience is increasingly shedding light on this topic. Personality neuroscience is the study of how a person’s brain influences that individual's behaviour.

I have been careful to use tools in my coaching programmes that allow my clients to write and own their narratives about who they are, their lives, and their careers. Science has revealed that we have way more ability to adapt and change than many of us think. I’m not saying everyone should seek a big transformation and constantly strive for a big change. I am saying that when you get stuck it’s important to know that you don’t have to stay there, when you want to reach the next level it’s possible, if you take a risk and it’s scary you can trust that you and your brain will adapt.

Behaviour changes in different contexts and situations.

Pause to re-read that and reflect. Does that feel true to you?

I know that lots of you are really into personality assessments and I often invite clients to complete them. I’ve found that for many people reading their profile is so spot on that it serves them as a HUGE permission slip to be more of who they are at their best. The scientists will tell you they have no more scientific validity than horoscopes. I offer them as a tool for self-exploration if people are interested but I look to take the expanded self-awareness forward in other ways in our work together. I personally really enjoyed the process of discovering my type and thinking about my personality on a deeper level but I’m with the scientists when it comes to focusing on behaviour over traits.

Behaviour isn’t fixed. I repeat. Behaviour isn’t fixed.

I take a powerful stand for our ability to change. To take charge of our lives, to step up in our careers, to lean into love, and trust ourselves. That the 'old way' doesn’t need to be the 'new way'.

You get to choose who you want to become, to dream bigger, and live a larger life. Whoever you are, whatever your background. YOU CAN. We have neuroplasticity on our side, and eminent scientists and researchers showing us the way. Just to be clear here, I’m not promoting busy lives and hyper-achieving. No, no, no. I’m talking about the depth, breadth, and quality of the life you create for yourself.

Please do not limit yourself or allow others to limit you.

Be mindful about limiting other people with your assumptions about them.

Now I’m not saying this is easy, first, you need to know where you’re at today. That starts when you take a long-hard-honest look at YOU right now. What you’re doing and who you’re being.

Then, unless you bury your head in the sand, you’ll be able to get a sense of who you’re becoming. If it’s not what you want and wish for your life then the next step is to figure out who and how you want to be.

Then it’s playtime! Bring on the action-reflection cycle, stepping out, learning through experience, growth baby! Aliveness!

If you’d like to learn more read on …

We can work together to generate your behaviour maps. We’ll discuss your profile in a 90 minute debrief and you’ll come away with insight and objectives to take your career to the next level.

Step 1)  
We’ll have an initial 30-minute conversation to discuss the focus for the debrief and ensure this experience is super impactful.

Step 2) 
The assessment can be completed in your own time online.

Step 3)
Then we’ll schedule a 90-minute session to debrief focused on your key objective. You might choose leadership style, career change, wellbeing, communication, or something else. We’ll clarify this together as part of the process.


You will come away with a deeper understanding of your behaviours and more insight into how other people around you behave, communicate and respond to you.

This insight will make you more adaptable and successful in work and life.

If you'd like to find out about 1-to-1 career change & development coaching, or programmes for your team/organisation get in touch or click here to book a call. 


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