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Application Groundwork
If you're about to start searching for a new role it can be tempting to launch straight into the application phase; simply adding your current position to your existing CV and firing it off to recruiters and adverts. Whilst I admire the energy and drive, it's not the best approach. Taking a little time at the start of the process to complete key foundational stages will pay dividends in the form of; greater responses, more interviews, more choice and better offers.
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Craft a Killer CV
Application groundwork completed, it's time to move on and craft a killer CV. Let's dive straight in.
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Winning Cover Letters
Cover letters should be short and carefully constructed. If you provide essential information, highlighting what's key for the person reviewing applications, you'll secure yourself a first stage phone call if not a full blown interview.
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Competency Interviews
Competency based interviews assess how likely you are to be competent at something based on your previous experience and past behaviour. If you're well prepared it's a great opportunity to showcase your skills and capabilities.
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How To Answer Challenging Interview Questions?
This guide will help you develop methods for successfully answering unanticipated questions in the heat of the moment.
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