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The meaning behind my unique company name Aumida

I'm often asked about the meaning behind my business name Aumida and my logo. A lot of thought went into every aspect of it so it's really hard to answer that question quickly!

So, I thought I'd write a blog that I can share with curious people. 

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My story & WHY I do what I do

I received generous feedback from someone a while back that my content is great, but I don't share much about myself or my story. Who is Bev? they asked. I have thought a lot about this since, and whilst I recognized they were right, I am a very private person. I decided the time wasn't right, and that I would know intuitively when I was ready. For some strange reason, I opened a Word doc last week and started writing this blog - not about what I do, but WHY I do what I do.

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Aumida Year One: here's what I learned ...

I launched Aumida in July 2018 and it's now July 2019. 

Despite this having been a positive year in terms of ‘achievement’ it’s been a very challenging year for me personally.

I’ve realised it’s possible to be excited, driven and achieve success whilst simultaneously feeling fearful, not enough and to keep tumbling back into a scarcity mindset.

It felt like a year long egg and spoon race.

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Maximise time with your Coach

When you're working with a Coach you want to move from A to B sooner rather than later right?

Are you maximising the time you spend with your Coach? Here are some tips for you...

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Coaching FAQs

Frequently asked questions about coaching. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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