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My story & WHY I do what I do


I received generous feedback from someone a while back that my content is great, but I don't share much about myself or my story. Who is Bev? they asked. I have thought a lot about this since, and whilst I recognized they were right, I am a very private person. I decided the time wasn't right, and that I would know intuitively when I was ready. For some strange reason, I opened a Word doc last week and started writing this blog - not about what I do, but WHY I do what I do.


I do what I do for this reason ...

Because coaching changed my life, and I love seeing people move beyond their limitations, embrace the fullness of who they are, and reach new heights in their lives and careers.


This is how coaching changed my life ...

Coaching helped me move beyond my own personal mental health hell. An eating disorder that lasted 20 years & high functioning anxiety; and enabled me to step into confidence, accept myself, heal, and flourish.

I got back in touch with my innate gifts, unique zone of genius, and creativity. I owned my truth, I learned to love myself, and I started living my dreams. I processed grief and old emotions stored in my body that I hadn't realised were holding me back. I went travelling for 18 months, invested a huge amount of energy in all its forms into myself, and then came back to start my business.


Significant personal experiences have helped shape how I work with people...

The gift in these experiences, I believe, is developing the capacity to really be with people who are going through difficult times in their lives and careers. I can stay and be fully present when someone is processing deep emotions, struggling with uncertainty, or experiencing mental health challenges, and I can guide them out when they're ready...

o   Changing career paths several times and feeling utterly frustrated and frequently drained because I didn't know what I wanted to do and what I was most suited to. I figured out the map to fulfilment and LOVE what I do now.

o   Recovering from an eating disorder and learning to manage high-functioning anxiety has taught me many lessons, I thought it might crush me before I found a way out, but I did it. I now draw on that learning to help my clients find their way out.

o   Making a lot of mistakes in my relationships, management, and leadership roles. I wish I could rewind the clock and apply what I know now to the people, classes, teams, and businesses I have worked with. I can't do that so I am dedicated to continuous learning, looking to the future, and enabling others to do the best they can.

o   Travelling solo has been much more than a series of adventures and good fun. It's also been deeply healing, scary on a few occasions, eye opening, and an education. I've been able to observe and learn from other cultures, absorbing rituals, values, and knowledge into my life. I connected deeply with myself, my personal practices, and my intuition.



Doing what I do enables me to do this in the background...

I visited Borneo in 2017 and planted a tree in the rainforest. I made a silent promise as I patted down the earth that when I created my business I would plant a whole load more. I plant a tree for every new client - and after every single coaching session, I make a contribution to an education programme via Buy1Give1 that takes young people into the forest and educates them about the importance of protecting the rainforest and its connection to human health. Inspiring future leaders and generations to become lifelong conservationists.


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