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Celebrating unconventional career paths

This whole ‘having a career’ business has been undergoing rapid transformation – have you noticed?

This insight can be a bit like a shooting star … you think you see it then it’s suddenly gone again … and you’re back observing what you think is the standard ‘day-to-day’ going to work malarky. Business as usual.

Let’s take a step back to ponder this rapid change, as with most things in life, when we slow down and bring more of our attention to it – it starts to come into focus, and we can make more sense of it.

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Are your career decisions influenced by your fears or your dreams?

Are you being guided by the fears in your mind or the dreams in your heart? 6 truths about career success for people who are contemplating a change or have unrealised dreams.

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Are you playing to your strengths?

It's Time to Shine.

Your unique strengths profile can help you achieve your goals and feel successful in your career and life (whatever success means to you).

When you talk about your strengths you radiate confidence, positivity, knowledge, and passion.


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Accelerate career development with behavioural neuroscience

Behavioural Neuroscience Vs Personality Psychology.

Personality psychology has contributed much towards identifying the important dimensions of personality, but relatively little to understanding the biological sources of those dimensions. However, the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience is increasingly shedding light on this topic. Personality neuroscience is the study of how a person’s brain influences that individual's behaviour.


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