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Career Change - 22-05-2023 - - 0 comments
Are you playing to your strengths?

It's Time to Shine

Your unique strengths profile can help you achieve your goals and feel successful in your career and life (whatever success means to you).

When you talk about your strengths you radiate confidence, positivity, knowledge, and passion.


In my view, moving through our lives and careers trying to ‘fix our weaknesses’ and those of others is the long hard road. It’s a bit dull, uninspiring, and breaks the connection with others when our focus is on shortcomings.

Why not take a strength-based approach, and go from good to great in the areas where we naturally excel, inspiring others to do the same?

We all have weaknesses and things we do well but find draining. If we keep investing our energy here, it’s like pulling the plug on potential. The strengths-based approach says…


We all have weaknesses and learned behaviours, but they don’t have to get in your way, you can find and play to a strength rather than relying on a weakness and still achieve all of your goals. Finding better ways to do things and more powerful ways to lead.


Observe yourself to begin uncovering your strengths...

  • Think about a few of your favourite hobbies or activities. What is it about these activities that you enjoy? How do these activities put your strengths to use?
  • Situations that rely on our weaknesses can leave us feeling drained and exhausted. What sort of situations cause you to feel this way? What weaknesses might be at the root of this?
  • Think of someone whom you admire or respect. What are this person’s strengths? How do you know? Do you share any of these strengths?


How & why I use strengths profiling with my clients…

When I’m guiding clients through a career change journey we talk about ‘best fit’ roles that play 70% to our strengths and 30% to other (untapped potential and learned behaviours).

If you’ve created a life or career for yourself that plays 70% to your weaknesses and draining behaviours, you’re probably experiencing cycles of burnout. Your wellbeing is going to suffer, your performance will be wavering, and your confidence impacted.

When I'm working with managers and leaders who want to develop personally and professionally, we take a strengths approach to create a growth environment. When people become more conscious of their talents and abilities, they can offer more of themselves to their roles, team, and organisation. 


The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system's weaknesses irrelevant – Peter Drucker


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