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The Power of Reflection in Leadership

I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of continuous growth and learning, especially when it comes to our careers and leadership. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of reflection in leadership and how this powerful practice can pave the way for more effective and empathetic leaders.

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Why spend £££ on recruitment when you can develop your existing team?

Identifying great people for your organisation and supporting them to express their talents is more critical than ever. It’s also a trendy, sort-after approach, and savvy people are looking to go where they can grow.

Managing / Leading - 07-04-2023 - Beverley Acton - 0 comments
How to manage High Achievers (and yourself if you are one)

Are you a High Achiever? Curious to know if you might be?

Do you have high potential but feel unfocused in your day-to-day activities or career direction?

Perhaps you have High Achievers on your team and want to know how to develop them, or maybe you're feeling a bit jealous or intimidated by them, and these feelings and reactions are bringing out the worst in you.

Maybe you're a High Achiever experiencing burnout and in need of a reset.

This blog has something for all of you... read it all or use the headings to navigate to the information that's most relevant to you ...

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5 Steps to Inspire and Lead

Here’s a story about leadership in action.

I met a stranger at the gym which is unusual because when I enter the gym it’s headset on, minimal eye contact, I’m here to train!

This stranger managed to have a big impact on my training and mindset with just a few short interactions. I reflected on that and realised he demonstrated a powerful process that can be adopted by anyone who wants to get the best out of people around them, be it their team, peers or friends.

Leaders are everywhere, not just in the office. Sometimes they pop up when you least expect it.


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Are you damaging your organisation's reputation during the hiring process?

How to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates and enhance your organisations reputation.

Candidates applying to work for your organisation and with your team are often your biggest supporters. They’ve watched your organisation from afar and want to be involved. Whether you hire them or not. If you manage this well, they will continue to support you. If you fail to communicate effectively (or at all in many cases) what message do you think they will share with the world?


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Why hiring a Coach for your organisation will turbo charge your results...

“The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more” (International Coach Federation)


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Key Ingredients for Successful Change Management

What are the key ingredients for successful change management? 

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) and International Coach Federation (ICF) have partnered to research coaching cultures in organisations for the past 5 years. This year’s research (2018) focuses on change management and the role of coaching in change initiatives. 


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