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Why spend £££ on recruitment when you can develop your existing team?


Identifying great people for your organisation and supporting them to express their talents is more critical than ever. It’s also a trendy, sort-after approach, and savvy candidates and employees are looking to go where they can grow.


Before you begin writing your business case and advert to hire a new team member.

Think about the people you have already hired.

How can you develop them?

It’s cost-effective, saves time, AND you send a clear message to your wider team. This is an organisation that respects, supports, and develops people who want to grow.

Businesses and leaders who engage talented people now are set to be the successful businesses of the future.

Do you have untapped potential and unutilised skills within your team? I’d be surprised if you haven’t.

What about poor performance and unhappy people? Could this be because you’ve got the wrong people in the wrong jobs?


Times are changing, people change, and roles are evolving.

Mental health, wellbeing, resilience, and engagement are priorities for lots of my clients but it’s also a bit of a grey area for many.

I have a solution … help people feel happier.

When people are in roles that align with their strengths, skills, and interests - performance and motivation increase. They feel happier! This has a direct impact on their mental health, wellbeing, and resilience.

If you haven’t considered the untapped potential and resources that exist within your team and how best to utilise them, you’re missing a trick.


Be proactive and reach out to people directly to talk to them about their career aspirations and strengths. Surveys and job postings might work for confident people or those who know what they want. It doesn't do much for the talented people who are suffocating in a role that is no longer right for them. This hands-off approach won’t support people to become more conscious of themselves and confident in their strengths and abilities. A survey or tech-based approach isn’t going to coach a person to overcome their fear and take the next step.

If you’re a line manager, encourage people in your team to take risks and stretch themselves.


Untapped potential is often unrealised potential. Someone on your team could already possess the skills and strengths you want more of, but they might need to be enabled. A transformational and confidence-building process like 121 coaching will help them see, feel, and step into their full potential.

Work motivators vary from person to person. Without interest, aptitude, or a sense of purpose, productivity declines. In my experience, people want to feel inspired, energised, and successful.

Happy, motivated people are more productive. They have a positive impact on those around them. Increasing energy in the group over time feeds a positive culture.

Remote and hybrid working calls for new ways of working. This is a brilliant time to ask questions about engagement, efficiency, and motivation.

It’s a great time to call your talented people forward and offer them development opportunities.

Inquiries about career change have flooded my inbox in the last few years. The pandemic gave people time to reflect, and people are still reassessing what they want from their careers and lives. People want to LOVE what they do, and they don’t want to wait. Life. Is. Too. Short.

Instead of watching your talented people leave your organisation for a fresh and exciting challenge. Why not open the conversation and offer coaching, support, and development opportunities?

Help people become happier, motivated, confident, and interested in their work. Through a coaching process designed to bring awareness to strengths, skills, and aspirations.

If you'd like to find out about 1-to-1 career change & development programmes, or coaching for your team/organisation get in touch or click here to book a call. 


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