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Maximise time with your Coach

When you're working with a Coach you want to move from A to B sooner rather than later right?

Are you maximising the time you spend with your Coach?

Here are some tips for you...

Get organised

  • Make sure the time and location you've chosen for sessions will be distraction free and private. To get the most out of your sessions you must be able to talk and move around freely, without worrying about being seen or heard.
  • Set aside a new notebook for coaching exercises and valuable insights.
  • Decide when you'll work on your tasks and put a recurring time slot in your calendar. Perhaps you'll head to your favourite coffee shop or somewhere comfortable where you can focus.
  • Keeping a journal can be a really good way to process what's happening and keep track of changes.

Show up fully to each session

How present you are will make a big difference to the quality of your experience and work. Why waste precious minutes settling into the call? Do that beforehand, in your own free time. Set aside a little extra time before you dial in or arrive. Mentally prepare yourself "during the next xx minutes I will be 100% dedicated to my coaching session". Imagine packing your other thoughts into a box; plans, to-do lists, daily stress, concerns about others etc. When you've added everything that's not relevant to your coaching objective, seal the lid. Tell yourself it's all safely stored in there and you can open it again on the other side of the session if you choose to.

Take regular exercise

Exercise stimulates the brain and has a whole host of other benefits for healthy body and mind. A regular workout will improve every area of your life including your coaching experience. Numerous studies reveal exercise improves:

  • The power of the noggin: a good workout increases BDNF (a brain derived protein) believed to help with decision making, higher thinking and learning.
  • Stress relief: increases norepinephrine, a chemical which moderates the brains response to stress.
  • Mood booster & improves self-esteem: thanks to those happy hormones, endorphins.
  • Memory & learning: boosts chemicals in the brain that prevent degeneration of the hippocampus as we age.
  • Productivity: thanks to increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Energy levels: as a result of more oxygen in the body and a stronger heart.
  • Creativity: studies reveal improved divergent and convergent thinking (generating ideas and problem solving).
  • Sleep quality: improves circadian rhythms, quality and quantity of sleep.

Don't resist what comes up

"What you resist, persists"  Carl Jung

You might experience strong emotions or physical reactions; thoughts, feelings, old memories may sift to the surface. It can be; joyful, pleasant, cathartic and unsettling at times. It's all perfectly normal. Try as best you can to simply be a witness to what shows up and what's happening. It's not always easy but try not to judge. Sometimes you'll know exactly why these feelings and reactions are occurring. Sometimes you won't understand it intellectually at all. This is a deep process and blocked energy will be released. It's OK not to fully understand things. It doesn't make it any less real or significant. Practice self-care and compassion and when you're ready, you will let it go.

Give yourself some space

Don't underestimate the importance and need for space. When you feel the urge for some quiet alone time, pay close attention to that. Transformation when it happens occurs on many levels. If something wants to emerge from your subconscious mind you might experience a sudden epiphany or you may find you're more receptive when you create space.

Use what you've learned 

Change can occur on a deep cellular level and become permanent. However, there are also insights, tools and methods that serve you best when you work with them regularly. If you don't use it, you may lose it. Why allow valuable new insight to fade away into dusty mental archives? If a new method has been working well for you, keep using it.

The implementation and practice is down to you and it takes some effort. Think about how you can pull the threads through and weave them into your daily life.

Review your notes periodically, set reminders, leave yourself a sticky note, create a new ritual, set alarms, repeat positive affirmations every time you brush your teeth, review your intentions every time you boil the kettle. Whatever works but don't let your efforts go to waste.

Maintain momentum and energy

It really does help to be consistent, yes I know life can get busy and things happen to distract or interrupt but try to be mindful of this. If you repeatedly reschedule your appointments or just switch off mentally in-between the energy will dissipate and you'll feel less impact. Momentum and consistency will generate the best outcome. You made a commitment to yourself at the start when you signed up, don't allow the charge to dissipate.

Communicate with your nearest and dearest

Tell the people closest to you that you're working with a Coach. It's up to you how much information you share but if they're aware, they'll be prepared for changes. Informing your inner circle and having their support is both useful and comforting. If you don't tell them, it may be a little unsettling if they suddenly notice your habits are changing, you're excited about new things, you seem to have a different attitude these days. It's important to remember they might also need some support and reassurance along the way.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself!

Dive in and immerse yourself so you can emerge renewed, charged and ready to crack on with this business of really living your life to the full.


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