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Decisions - how do you make yours?

Decisions – how do you make yours?

We make decisions day in day out, at work and in our private lives.

What time to wake up, go to sleep and everything in-between.

Considering the importance and impact decision making has on our entire lives; how much time have you invested in understanding your own processes and patterns?

Would you pull out onto the motorway without first checking your blind spot?


Subconscious Patterns

Survival instincts, programming and beliefs are like computer operating systems running in the background of our subconscious minds as we go about the business and busy-ness of our lives. Stuff happens and we react - the reaction triggers a response in our external environment - that in turn triggers a reaction in our internal environment - our mind registers whether this experience was good or bad and a pattern is laid down. Initially a conscious thought, it’s soon shuffled into our subconscious mind to make space for the next revolving door experience. And,so it goes on…

Where do you go unconscious in your decision making process?

What decisions did you make about your life 5 years ago and do they still serve you today?

Conscious Decisions

The more conscious we become the easier it is to determine whether we’re making decisions from a place of; fear, abundance, scarcity, excitement and so on. When you’re about to make a decision do you ever consider your mindset at the time? What about your perspective? Is it one you’ve chosen or are you in one by default?

What are you holding on to that might impact your decision making?

If an alien from outer space popped in for a cuppa and you told them about your life – with no preconceived ideas about planet earth – what might they think of the decisions you’ve made?

Gut / Brain connection

Research tells us we have neurons not just in our brains, but also in our heart and in our gut. Our whole bodies are taking in critical information all the time, doing their best to make sense of the world. This useful information is all too often ignored in our day-to-day lives. When the information is not processed and integrated, it stays vague and unfocused. It’s not a good idea to make big decisions about your life if you’re having digestive problems. If your gut is blocked your mind probably is too. Ever wondered why people talk about feeling clear headed after a detox? Anyway, enough about that, you get the picture.

Is there something nagging at you that you can’t make sense of?

Are you trying to make a decision but can’t because there’s something funky in the dialogue between your body and mind?


How often do you receive a nudge from somewhere outside of yourself, or just have a sense about something? Science supports the idea that we are all operating within a larger field and that we are connected in ways that are perhaps outside of our 5 traditional senses and not quite so easy to define. I won’t debate the big questions here but let’s get curious. If you view ‘making decisions’ through this lens what do you become aware of?

How do you access your intuition?

To what extent is it a part of your decision making process?


The decisions we make determine how our lives unfold. Could there be a more powerful reason to stop, look, listen, feel and explore?

To expand your awareness is to empower yourself. A professional Coach can be a supportive ally in the process.

Would you like to choose a created life or a default one?


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