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Limiting Beliefs

Are you aware of how you hold yourself back in life? How much are your limiting beliefs costing you? And more importantly, how can you transform them into empowering beliefs that serve you better?

Limiting beliefs often originate from early childhood experiences and continue to develop as our subconscious mind absorbs messages from our environment, family, friends, teachers, and society. When we internalise feelings of inadequacy during our formative years, we can spend our entire adult lives believing we are not good enough and/or striving to prove our worth or to fit into a specific mould. Over time, we may forget or lose sight of our own values as we become susceptible to adopting other people's expectations.

It is within this realm of perceived inadequacy and vulnerability that we develop a multitude of beliefs that constrain our lives. These beliefs form a barrier between what truly matters to us and where we direct our efforts. We start believing statements like:

"I'm not the type of person who..."

"I lack talent in..." 

"I'll never be capable of..." 

We play small. 

Limiting beliefs are dangerous because they are often hidden (we believe them so we can't see through them) and self-perpetuating. The mind selectively filters information that aligns with our existing beliefs, thereby attracting more of what we think about. These hidden limiting beliefs can profoundly impact our actions, emotions, reality, success, and overall happiness.


Now, let's explore how limiting beliefs specifically affect career development.

Stepping up in your career can be hindered by limiting beliefs such as:

"I'm not yet ready for a more senior position"

"I can't effectively manage a team"

"No one will take me seriously"

"I lack sufficient knowledge"

"I must be an expert before I can undertake X"

These beliefs are all too common and can prevent people from reaching their full potential.


In the context of meetings, many people fail to make the desired impact due to limiting beliefs such as "If I say X, I might appear foolish," "I need to have all the information before I speak up," or "They are more knowledgeable than me."

Consider the beliefs you hold about the interview process when pursuing a promotion. Do you view it as a battle with winners and losers? Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I'm terrible at interviews" or "The other candidates are better than me"?

Take a moment to reflect on the impact of these thoughts and beliefs. As the interview, meeting, or promotion approaches, you may visualise a room filled with hostile faces, experiencing a sense of being out of control, anxiety, and distraction.


Shift your focus to your professional development and career. Are there areas where you struggle to achieve what you want? What reasons do you give yourself to explain those struggles? Can you identify any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back?


Coach challenge ...

I challenge you to become a detective of your limiting beliefs for one week. Pay attention to phrases like  "It's impossible"   "I've never been able to"   "I always..."   "I'm not good at..." or "I can't" 

Once you uncover your limiting beliefs, question their usefulness and impact on your path toward a positive and fulfilling life. Are these beliefs serving you well, propelling you forward, and aligning with the life you truly desire and deserve? Or are they limiting you, hindering your progress, and holding you back from reaching your full potential?


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Remember, you have the power to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. By challenging and transforming them into empowering beliefs, you can unlock new possibilities, achieve personal and professional growth, and create the life you truly desire.

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