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Confidence, Resilience & Mindset - 02-02-2024 - - 0 comments
Personal Resilience

Is it possible to become successful without learning how to be resilient?

Maybe ...

You can work hard despite not being very resilient, but you probably won't be very happy. You can get lucky. You might even reach certain heights driving yourself with negative thoughts and emotions. Some people attribute their success to the darker sides of themselves. The angry and hurt part of them fuels an intense motivation and spurs them on to achieve their goals. Some people slow down or just shut down.

I would argue that it is possible to be successful without being very resilient, but it comes at a cost.

 When we are truly resilient we take care of ourselves and others as we grow through our work, hobbies, relationships, experiences, and challenges.

We learn when to drive and push forward and when to sloooow down and take a powerful pause. Learning to reflect and take care of ourselves so that we can have a greater impact.

Resilience keeps us mentally and physically healthy as we operate from a positive state of mind and consciously channel the positive energy within us that then flows out to those around us.

With self-awareness and practice, the amount of time spent in a state of physical and mental stress is reduced. When we're stressed and thinking negative thoughts, our brain responds to these signals, and we have less activation in the parts of the brain that house our superpowers like creativity, empathy, innovation, etc. Our ability to navigate and adapt to challenging situations diminishes.

This blog is about self-awareness and personal resilience because it's so important that we do our own work. Only then can we play a role in creating resilience in our relationships, families, teams, organisations, and beyond.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, resilience stands out as a crucial skill. It's not just about bouncing back from adversity but also adapting, learning, and growing through challenges.


I've created a list of questions for you to unpack your thoughts and discover the keys to resilience for yourself...

  1. What can this setback teach me?
  2. What will I do differently next time?
  3. If I close my eyes, take 3 deep breaths, and tune into my body, what do I become aware of?
  4. Do I have unmet needs?
  5. What is just one other way to look at this situation?
  6. Who do I have in my network who could help or support me?
  7. What have I done lately to support my physical health?
  8. When did I last take time out to do something joyful?
  9. How could I adjust my approach to get a different outcome?
  10. What is there to celebrate?
  11. What is the simplest next step I can take?
  12. Consider what is within my control and what isn't. If I let go of what isn't how might I prioritise and use my time and energy more effectively?
  13. Can I take 5 minutes out right now to meditate?
  14. Notice what I am focusing on. Would it serve me to redirect my attention?
  15. What have I learned?


Breathe and remember that failure is OK. It's never the end of the world or the end of the road. It's an opportunity to reflect on your experiences, learn from mistakes, and use these lessons to improve.

How did you get on? If you have discovered some or all of the following keys to cultivating resilience, you're on the right path. Keep going. You can come back to this set of questions any time you like.

Keys to cultivating resilience

Foster a growth mindset

Develop emotional intelligence

Cultivate strong connections

Prioritise self-care

Practice adaptability

Set realistic goals

Develop problem-solving skills

Encourage a positive perspective

Promote mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques

Focus on learning from failure and mistakes


Building resilience is an ongoing process that requires practice, patience, and persistence.

You can enhance your ability to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.


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