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Hawaiian Philosophy of life: 7 Huna Principals

 Huna means secret in Hawaiian and refers to ancient knowledge said to enable an individual to connect to their highest wisdom. 

The seven principles of Huna are attributed to Serge Kahili King.

An American Teacher by the name Max Freedom Long, became intrigued by Native Hawaiian healing practices, and he founded the Huna Fellowship in 1945 publishing several books on the topic. 

The 7 principles at the heart of this philosophy are very practical and applicable. 

They just might help you to experience life on a deeper and more fulfilling level.  


   1     IKE – The world is what you think it is

   2     KALA – There are no limits

   3     MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes

   4     MANAWA – Now is the moment of power

   5     ALOHA – To love is to be happy with

   6     MANA – All power comes from within

   7     PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth


Max Long believed the key to Huna is the concept of the ‘Three Selves’. The unconscious, conscious, and superconscious.

The words don’t translate perfectly into English and there are many interpretations out there but I hope you enjoy reading a little about each one here.


IKE — the world is what you think it is

Our consciousness creates our reality and our perception of reality is subjective. What we perceive to be reality might not necessarily be the truth. This life of ours is a dream of our own creation.


If you think the world is a dangerous place full of evil and negativity this is where your focus stays. This is what you’re aware of at any given time. It becomes your reality and you become completely blind to anything that contradicts this perception.

So, the good news is…

You have the inherent power to transform your reality, any way you choose. When we change our inner world, we change our outer world.


KALA — there are no limits

In an infinite reality, there is no beginning or end to anything.

There’s a process of being and becoming but there are no limits, only self-imagined and imposed ones. Boundaries do not exist and separation is an illusion.

Therefore …

Everything is connected and whatever you would like to happen, can happen, with no limits.

So the good news is …

If you can get your head around this magnificent concept there’s nothing stopping you from doing, being, experiencing anything whatsoever. Which is quite frankly pretty awesome, like winning the spiritual lottery I presume (!)

MAKIA — energy flows where attention goes

Wherever you focus your attention, you direct a stream of energy. We can send positive or negative energy to anything and everything, on any scale, including individuals and global consciousness. The energy will be either positive or negative depending on your thoughts and you receive the same vibration in return. We have the power to manifest what we focus our attention on.


Consider what you think about and focus on as there will be a reaction whether you become aware of it or not. If you send out positive abundant thoughts that’s what you get back, if you send out negative fearful thoughts then you’ll get that instead.

So, the good news is…

You can choose to send positive energy in the form of healing, prayer or just happy smiley thoughts and have a beneficial effect on yourself and others. Just beautiful.


MANA WA — now is the moment of power

If you can remain present in this very moment, without getting pulled into the past or the future. THIS moment in time is the most powerful and peaceful. This is reality. What happened is over, the future is just maybe baby. The choices, focus, awareness in this moment is key.


Observe your monkey mind and find ways to become more present if you want to experience the transformative potential of this huna.

So, the good news is…

You have the power in this very moment to change limiting beliefs and plant seeds which will create a future you desire.


ALOHA — to love is to be happy with

To love someone or something is to be happy with them or it.  The experience of love can be directed towards a physical manifestation of energy such as a person, animal, tree or object. It can also be subtle and nonphysical such as the love for existence. This requirement, having something else be a part of the love equation, demonstrates the interconnectedness with all that is, in all its varying frequencies and energy forms.


Happiness is the foundation of love, and love is the foundation of existence. Love IS happiness. To be in love is to be joyful, grateful and to experience pleasure in relationships.

So, the good news is ….

You can choose love by cultivating a sense of happiness about yourself, other people and the world around you.


MANA — all power comes from within

You are WAY more powerful that you realise! Each individual possesses huge potential for impact. The concept of mana is that there’s one source of power that flows through all of us, that there’s no power outside of you that has any power over you unless you think it does. It’s possible to create, destroy, restore, transform, anything is possible.

Therefore …

Realising your tremendous inner power will enable you to completely control your own self and share this power with others.

So, the good news is …

You can stop looking through your newsfeeds and searching other external sources for solutions. It’s all right there inside of you.


PONO — effectiveness is the measure of truth

This principle is not referring to absolute truth, but an effective truth at an individual level of consciousness. If something is true and genuine, it will create a positive and beneficial shift or change in something or someone.


If there’s something or someone in your life that’s causing negativity then look into it. Is it a truth or a falsehood? This principal speaks about a practical method to sift through our experiences and to build trust.

So, the good news is…

If we pay attention to this huna we can better assess what is true and positive in our lives and bring that closer, whilst moving away from that which is false.


The seven Huna principles are a great introduction to the power of consciousness.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them.


Think Positive thoughts.

Trust that you have limitless potential.

Send positive energy to yourself and others.

Stay present.


Look inside yourself to discover your power.

Observe the effect to know the truth.


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