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Cross over the line and invest in a Coach

Crossing over the line and investing in yourself is not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of psychology involved when it comes to investing in yourself; whether that be time, energy, money …

I’ve been chatting with coaching colleagues about people who are interested in coaching, intuitively know it will help but are locked in their current patterns, busyness and circumstances. They choose to go it alone rather than invest in themselves and allow a coaching relationship to support them in deepening their learning and taking action that leads to a healthier and happier life.

So many of us put ourselves last.

I’ve been there myself so I totally get it. In the old days I had a crippling scarcity mindset and used to cheer myself on for going about things terminator style! These days I work with a Coach, not the cheapest one I could find but the one that’s right for me, I constantly invest in training and I recognise terminator mode is the least productive of all the settings I have.

What are your default settings?

The book ‘The Soul of Money’ by Lynne Twist really helped me to reframe a lot of my thoughts about money and as I went through a process of shifting my perspective and seeing money as energy I became more aware and saw that what I was spending was flowing back to me. I now trust that process.  

We often stand in our own way.

The coaching process reveals what you’re capable of, what you truly want out of life (personally and professionally) and what’s hindering your progress. It helps you to step up and into this new you, become more conscious and take action.

Limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks and old stories keep us stuck.

Lots of people have subconscious blocks around being worthy, deserving of investment or creating a life they love. I have clients who have harboured dreams for years but haven’t been able to move into action. They arrive at my door when they’re ready to stop circling the idea and start creating the life they truly desire.

They tell me things like:

“I’ve waited long enough and I’m not prepared to wait any longer”

“It’s my time now, I deserve it after ….”

“It’s about time I did something about this”

“it’s scary but I want to try”

“What I thought would happen in my life didn’t happen, now I want to re-design those dreams and aspirations because I’m not prepared to make the same mistakes in the next phase of my life”

“I’m not going to let another 5 years go by…”

Powerful huh? These people are ready to commit. They recognise that growth and comfort don’t hang out together but they’re willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of something bigger than their fears.

So, where do you sit? Are you curious about coaching? Ready to invest in yourself?

 Take the first step and get in touch today or click here to book a call. 


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