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Confidence, Resilience & Mindset - 22-05-2023 - - 0 comments
3 Ways to Increase Confidence

Most of my clients want to work on their confidence. The context varies from career change to leadership to significant life changes, but confidence always shows up somewhere in the process.

To move forward, we need to believe in ourselves and our ability to be successful.

An overall feeling of confidence can help us transcend the difficulties and challenges we face in our lives and careers.

Positive self-belief creates a good impression on others and is a good predictor of success. It shows an ability to deal with setbacks and to accept both positive and negative consequences.

Sometimes we do well, other times less well, but we can continue to believe that we will succeed in most things in the long run.


How do we tap into and build self-belief and self-confidence?

Here are 3 quick and easy ways you can increase this desirable quality…


1) Recognise your talents and keep your abilities at the forefront of your awareness

Reflect on your wins and resourcefulness from the good days and in troubled times - evidence increases confidence. You will have a record of your success somewhere.

It might be in the form of:

  • feedback, awards, or grades
  •  Memories about how you navigated choppy waters and succeeded against the odds
  • Examples of how you have helped and supported others
  • Innovative ideas you brought to the table
  • References or testimonials

Cast your mind back and remember what you have accomplished and who you were being when you achieved success.


2) Cultivate an ‘internal locus of control’

The Locus of Control concept was developed by Julian B. Rotter in 1954 and has since become an aspect of personality studies.

Internal Locus of Control – attributes success to her or his own efforts and abilities. A belief that people get what they deserve, goals are reached by planning and hard work, practice predicts rewards, and personal qualities determine career and personal success.

External Locus of Control – attributes his or her success to luck or fate. A belief that luck is important, you can’t stop people doing illogical or harmful things, opportunities occur by chance, and that people with money and power determine how things work out for us.

An internal locus of control makes us feel that we have the power to influence events and are in control of our lives, giving us confidence in our ability to meet challenges.

An external locus of control is partly a reflection that some events are indeed out of our control, but an inflated belief in fate can demotivate us from setting worthwhile personal and career goals.

Self-belief can also be linked to a feeling that we control our lives rather than being at the mercy of others or fate. This is known as our Locus of Control.


3) Set motivating goals

Setting and achieving a sequence of goals can help confidence by giving us direction and purpose.

Goals can be achievements, like getting a job or more personal goals, like have a fulfilling relationship. It could also be a desire to embody different energy or cultivate a better mindset.

To feel confident about reaching goals we need to trust our inner resources.


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